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David Essig (born December 2, 1945 in Frederick, Maryland)[1] is a Canadian singer-songwriter, producer and record label owner.


David Essig was born in Frederick, Maryland, in 1945. In 1971, he emigrated to Canada, and became a Canadian citizen in 1978.[1] He was first introduced to Canadian audiences as a performer at the 1971 Mariposa Folk Festival.[2] He developed a particular popularity in Italy, where he has toured over twenty times.[3] In 1974, he established one of Canada's first musician-owned and operated record labels, Woodshed Records.[1] A number of the label's releases were distributed by Posterity Records, owned by Harvey Glatt, under the Posterity-Woodshed label.[4] The label was revived as "New Woodshed" in 1984.[1] Records produced by Essig include releases by Willie P. Bennett, Cathy Fink and Duck Donald, Dixie Flyers, Fred Eaglesmith and Jackie Washington.[1]


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