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David F. Case
New York City, United States
Died3 February 2018
Occupationnovelist, short story writer
NationalityUnited States
Genrehorror, Fantasy, Western fiction

David F. Case (1937 - 3 February 2018) is an American writer of short stories and novelist.[1]


Case, labeled a classicist by his colleague and friend Ramsey Campbell, uses graphic imagery to convey directly as possible what the character feels. His work, as in The Hunter, prefigures the early novels of David Morrell by several years.

Case seemed to have vanished from the horror field for a decades time after the publication of Fengriffen. In 1980, he returned to seed the wasteland of the paperback original with his werewolf variation Wolf Tracks, and the following year Arkham House graced its list with The Third Grave, David's illuminating take on the mummy and the zombie.[1] Almost twenty years were to pass before his readers were to be treated with another Case collection, Brotherly Love.

His collection Brotherly Love and Other Tales of Faith and Knowledge was published by Pumpkin Books in the late 90's.

His novel Fengriffen was adapted into the film And Now the Screaming Starts! (1973) by director Roy Ward Baker for Hammer Films' rival Amicus Productions. A Gothic melodrama involving an ancient curse, vengeful spirits and an unconvincing crawling hand (left over from Dr. Terror's House of Horrors almost a decade earlier). Despite the low budget, the impressive cast included such renowned British actors as Peter Cushing, Herbert Lom, Patrick Magee, Stephanie Beacham, Ian Ogilvy and Guy Rolfe, along with early roles for Frank Finlay and Michael Elphink. His classic werewolf thriller The Hunter was adapted into an ABC-TV movie called Scream of the Wolf (1974) directed by Dan Curtis. It starred Peter Graves and Clint Walker as two macho friends, one of whom was a werewolf. It did no justice to its source material.

Meanwhile, his first Western, Plumb Drillin', which was originally set to be a movie starring Steve McQueen before the actor's untimely death in 1980.


  • The Cell: Three Tales of Horror (1969)
  • Fengriffen and Other Stories (1971)
  • The Third Grave (1980)
  • Wolf Tracks (1980)
  • Brotherly Love & Other Tales of Faith and Knowledge (1999)
  • Pelican Cay and Other Disquieting Tales (2010)

Short stories[edit]

  • The Dead End (1969)
  • The Hunter (1969)
  • Fengriffen (1971)
  • The War is Over (1988)
  • Cannibal Feast (1994)
  • Jimmy (1999)
  • Pelican Cay (2000)
  • Among the Wolves
  • The Cell
  • A Cross to Bear
  • Neighbours
  • Reflection
  • Strange Roots
  • Brotherly Love
  • The Foreign Bride
  • Ogre of the Cleft
  • Anachrona
  • Reflection
  • Twins (a re-working of a chapter from "SKULLS")
  • The Terrestrial Fancy
  • Penny Wise
  • Skulls
  • The Cave
  • Penny Wise variant edition
  • "Stranger Than You Know"

Novel Publications with David Case's work[edit]

  • Fengriffen: A chilling tale (1970)

aka '"And Now the Screaming Starts"' (an alternative title to Fengriffen to reflect the film adaptation)

  • Wolf Tracks
  • The Third Grave


  • The Cell: Three Tales of Horror (1969 – Contains the stories "The Cell", "The Hunter", and "The Dead End"
  • Fengriffen and Other Stories (1971) – Contains the novel Fengriffen and the stories "Among the Wolves" and "Strange Roots"
  • Brotherly Love: And Other Tales of Faith and Knowledge (1999) – Contains the stories "Brotherly Love", "The Foreign Bride", "The Ogre of the Cleft", "Jimmy", "Anachrona", and "The Terrestrial Fancy"
  • Pelican Cay and Other Disquieting Tales (2010) – Contains the stories "Pelican Cay", "Penny Wise," "Reflection," "Skulls," "The Cannibal Feast," "The War is Over," "The Cave." (Note: The deluxe, signed edition additionally contains "PENNY WISE" (variant draft) and "TWINS" [a re-working of a chapter from "SKULLS"].)
  • "David Case Masters of the Weird Tale" (2015) - Contains the stories "Anachrona," "The Cell," "The Dead End," "The Hunter," "Fengriffen," "Among The Wolves," "Strange Roots," "Neighbours," "A Cross to Bear," "Twins," "The War Is Over," "Brotheely Love," "The Foreign Bride," "The Ogre of the Cleft," "Jimmy," "The Terrestrial Fancy," "Stranger Than You Know"
  • "Fengriffen and Other Gothic Tales" (2015) - Contains the stories "Fengriffen," "Anachrona," "The Foreign Bride," "The Dead End"
  • "The Cell & Other Transmorphic Tales" (2015) - Contains "The Cell," "Strange Roots," "Among the Wolves," "A Cross to Bear," "The Hunter"

Anthologies containing David Case stories[edit]

  • The 11th Pan Book of Horror Stories (1970)--Contains "The Cell"
  • The 12th Pan Book of Horror Stories (1971)--Contains "The Hunter"
  • The 13th Pan Book of Horror Stories (1972)--Contains "The Dead End"
  • The 14th Pan Book of Horror Stories (1973)--Contains "Strange Roots"
  • The 15th Pan Book of Horror Stories (1974)--Contains "Among the Wolves"
  • The 19th Pan Book of Horror Stories (1978)--Contains "Neighbors"
  • The 22nd Pan Book of Horror Stories (1981)--Contains "A Cross to Bear"
  • Fantasy Tales Vol. 8 #16 (1986)--Contains "Twins"
  • Fine Frights: Stories That Scared Me (1988)--Contains "The War is Over"
  • The Mammoth Book of Short Horror Novels (1988)--Contains Fengriffen
  • Dark Voices: The Best from the Pan Book of Horror Stories (1990)--Contains "The Hunter"
  • Dark Voices 6: The Pan Book of Horror (1994)--Contains "Cannibal Feast"
  • The Mammoth Book of Frankenstein (1994)--Contains "The Dead End"
  • The Mammoth Book Of Werewolves (1994)--Contains "The Cell"
  • Dark of the Night (1997)--Contains "Reflection"
  • Dark Terrors 5 (2000)--Contains "Pelican Cay"
  • The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror Volume Eleven (2000)--Contains "Jimmy"
  • By Moonlight Only (2003)--Contains alternative and longer version of "Jimmy"
  • The Mammoth Book of New Terror (2004)--Contains "Among the Wolves"
  • The Mammoth Book Of Wolf Men (2009)--Is A Reprinting Of The Mammoth Book Of Werewolves -Contains "The Cell"
  • The Souvenir Book of the World Horror Convention 2010: Brighton Shock!—Contains "The Foreign Bride"

Western Novels[edit]

  • Black Hats
  • Gold Fever (this is a reissue of Plumb Drillin' under a different title)
  • Plumb Drillin'
  • The Fighting Breed


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