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David Fickling Books
FounderDavid Fickling
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Headquarters locationOxford
Publication typesbooks
Official websitewww.davidficklingbooks.com

David Fickling Books Ltd (DFB) became an independent publishing house in July 2013 following 12 years with Scholastic and then Random House. They have published several prize-winning and bestselling books including Lyra's Oxford (from the world of His Dark Materials) by Philip Pullman, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne, Bing Bunny by Ted Dewan, Pants by Nick Sharratt and Giles Andreae, Before I Die by Jenny Downham, Trash by Andy Mulligan (shortly to be a major movie with script by Richard Curtis) and A Boy and a Bear in a Boat by Dave Shelton.

They are the only other publishing house to have ever won the Branford Boase Award three times other than Chicken House’s Barry Cunningham.[1]

DFB also works closely with The Phoenix, a weekly story comic for children which David Fickling himself founded.

Books published[edit]

Date Title Author ISBN
August 7 Poochie-poo Helen Stephens ISBN 0-385-60410-6
November 3 Celandine Steve Augarde ISBN 0-385-60562-5
January 5 The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas John Boyne ISBN 978-0-385-60940-1
January 19 Pants Giles Andreae and Nick Sharratt ISBN 978-0-385-61039-1
Shark in the Park Nick Sharratt ISBN 978-0-385-60812-1
March 2 A Swift Pure Cry Siobhan Dowd ISBN 978-0-385-60969-2
April 6 The Penderwicks Jeanne Birdsall ISBN 978-0-385-61034-6
May 4 Set in Stone Linda Newbery ISBN 978-0-385-60748-3
July 6 Kat Got Your Tongue Lee Weatherly ISBN 978-0-385-60780-3
August 31 Into the Woods Lyn Gardner ISBN 978-0-385-61035-3
October 5 Uneversaurus Aidan Potts ISBN 978-0-385-60892-3
November 2 Blue Skies and Gunfire K. M. Peyton ISBN 978-0-385-61041-4
February 1 Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling D. M. Cornish ISBN 978-0-385-61148-0
Sadie the Airmail Pilot Kellie Strom ISBN 978-0-385-60506-9
March 1 Butterfingers J M Trewellard ISBN 978-0-385-61208-1
Charlie Small: Gorilla City Charlie Small ISBN 978-0-385-61122-0
Charlie Small: The Perfumed Pirates of Perfidy Charlie Small ISBN 978-0-385-61123-7
May 3 More Pants Giles Andreae and Nick Sharratt ISBN 978-0-385-61077-3
June 7 The London Eye Mystery Siobhan Dowd ISBN 978-0-385-61266-1
July 5 Before I Die Jenny Downham ISBN 978-0-385-61346-0
The Lost Art Simon Morden ISBN 978-0-385-60964-7
August 2 Charlie Small: The Puppet Master Charlie Small ISBN 978-0-385-61124-4
September 6 The Inferior Peadar Ó Guilín ISBN 978-0-385-61095-7
January 3 Winter Wood Steve Augarde ISBN 978-0-385-60563-2
Charlie Small: The Daredevil Desperados of Destiny Charlie Small ISBN 978-0-385-61125-1
February 7 Bog Child Siobhan Dowd ISBN 978-0-385-61426-9
April 3 Time's Chariot Ben Jeapes ISBN 978-0-385-61450-4
Once Upon a Time in the North Philip Pullman ISBN 978-0-385-61432-0
Flightsend Linda Newbery ISBN 978-0-385-61407-8
May 1 Monster Blood Tattoo: Lamplighter D.M. Cornish ISBN 978-0-385-61192-3
Grizzly Dad Joanna Harrison ISBN 978-0-385-61019-3
June 5 The Penderwicks on Gardam Street Jeanne Birdsall ISBN 978-0-385-61375-0
Red Spikes Margo Lanagan ISBN 978-0-385-61322-4
September 3 Boom! Mark Haddon ISBN 978-0-385-61629-4



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