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David Folley
Born 15 July 1960
Plymouth, Devon, England
Nationality English UK flag
Education MA Middlesex University,
Known for Painting

David Folley, (born 1960 in Plymouth[1][2]) is an English painter [3] based in Plymouth, Devon, UK.[1][2][4] His private studio is located in the north of the city and the public face is his gallery and studio "Discover Folley", situated in Plymouth’s historic Barbican. His style of painting has been influenced by Paul Cézanne, Stanhope Forbes of the Newlyn School, Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, and Roger Somville, a Belgium contemporary painter.[3][5] Folley's interests include "Political theory and the interactions between individual and society", colour deficiency and colour perception.[1]



Folley has painted subjects that range from seascapes, portraits, and most recently his life size equine painting of the famous British racehorse Frankel. He has also painted a near life size Arabian Horse called Saffron who is stabled at Combe Farm.

Folley's works include:

  • 2012 Frankel: The Frighteningly Phenomenal Frankel, 7DC009
  • 2012 Combe Farm Arabian: Saffron, 7DC00B
  • 2012 Frankel: The Phenomenal Frankel, 7DC008
  • 2012 Frankel: The Thunder of Hooves, 7DC003
  • 2008 Morris One, depicting The Plymouth Morris Men dancing the 'Sun Up' upon Plymouth Hoe, on 1 May 2008 [6]
  • 2008 Jojo i, The 9 Cast Members
  • 2008 Jojo ii, Painter in Residence, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth [5]
  • 1998 Schröder Professor Emeritus
  • 1997 Spirit of Diana, a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales[7]
  • 1997 "Mad bad and dangerous to eat" which depicts a blue cow and a smog engulfed rainforest, exhibited as a protest outside a McDonald's restaurant[8]
  • 1997 "Blood Brothers" a tribute to Willy Russell, named after the musical which is about separated twins[2]
  • 1997 McDonald's: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Eat
  • 1996 Folley was commissioned by The Revd. Raymond Chudley to paint his first altar painting The Descent from the Cross, for The Jesus Chapel, St. Andrew's Church, Wickford, Essex. The Bishop of Bradwell the Rt Revd Dr Laurie Green, unveiled and blessed the work on 5 May 1996, at the 09.30am Eucharist.
  • 1996 In April, Plymouth Gdynia Twinning Panel sponsored Folley to visit Gdynia (Poland), to research and create a painting to commemorate the 20th Twinning Anniversary between the two cities. He produce over ten works, two of which were selected by the committee for presentation to the City of Plymouth and the City of Gdynia. The two selected works were: Gdynia Port: Looking from Kamienna Gora to Plymouth and Skwer Plymouth to Gdynia.
  • 1996 Music of the Night III
  • 1996 Roy Hudd and 'Jolly' Jack Tripp
  • 1994 Sir Alex Cairncross exhibited at The Pastel society, The Mall Galleries, London
  • 1994 Professor Roger Paulin commissioned by Trinity College, Cambridge
  • 1994 Tom exhibited at The Royal Portrait Society, The Mall Galleries, London
  • 1994 Wendy Cope exhibited at The Loggia Gallery, London.

Artist in Residence[edit]

  • 2008 Barbican Theatre, Plymouth,[3][5] for the production of a play about fellow Plymouth artist Robert Lenkiewicz[9]
  • 2008 Painter-in-Residence for Plymouth Morris Men [10]



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