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David Gallaher
BornDavid Matthew Gallaher
(1975-06-05) June 5, 1975 (age 43)
Honolulu, Hawaii
Area(s)Writer, Editor
Pseudonym(s)Dave Gallaher
Dr. Gallaher
(miscredited as Ken Wolak, David Gallagher)
Notable works
Vampire: The Masquerade
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
High Moon
Box 13
Hulk: Winter Guard
Awards2007 Creative Excellence in Advertising Award[citation needed]
Comic Foundry Breakout Creator of 08
2008 Creative Excellence in Advertising Award[citation needed]
2009 Creative Excellence in Advertising Award[citation needed]
2009 Harvey Award for High Moon

David Matthew Gallaher (born June 5, 1975 in Honolulu) is an American comics writer and editor, known primarily for his work in comics: Vampire: The Masquerade, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, High Moon, Box 13 and The Only Living Boy. His clients include Marvel Comics, the CBLDF, Harris Publications and McGraw-Hill.[1] He also helped create ad campaigns for the New York City Police Department.

Early life[edit]

Gallaher's family did not own a television until he was five years old. The first film he saw was the 1978 Superman movie. When his family finally obtained a television, he enjoyed Shazam!, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Super Friends, The Incredible Hulk and Batman. Shortly after, he read his first comic Power Man and Iron Fist. When he was 7, his mother bought a book for Gallaher which featured superhero designs one could trace.[2]

During Boy Scout summer camp in '88, Gallaher and became an avid reader of Captain America, Fantastic Four, West Coast Avengers, and Speedball. Gallaher cites John Byrne's "Vision Quest" storyline in West Coast Avengers as a story that had significant influence on him. He became a fan of Byrne's, particularly his work on Namor.[2]

Gallaher attended Hood College in Maryland, double-majoring in both Special Education and Psychology. During his junior year, despite his love for teaching, he felt compelled to write. He switched to Goddard College on learning that David Mamet, William H. Macy, and Piers Anthony studied there. The school allowed him to create his own curriculum to major in Comics. He also taught a comics class to seniors and juniors with the work of Garth Ennis and Warren Ellis included as part of the curriculum.[2]


After graduating from Goddard, Gallaher drew a crude version of his résumé as a six-panel comic strip and faxed it to Marvel Comics. The next day, he received a call to work at Marvel as an intern for the Interactive and Marketing department. After several weeks, he was hired as the department production editor, training interns, researching material, writing character biographies and developing websites.[2]

His work as a creator at Marvel includes Hulk: Winter Guard[3] and Darkstar and the Winter Guard.[4][5][6]

In late 2001, Gallaher met Joe Gentile of Moonstone Books at the Detroit Motor City Comic Con. Gentile encouraged Gallahar to submit for the Moonstone Noir Line and was hired to write Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.[citation needed] He wrote single issues of comics for Annex (Chalk Outline Studios), Immortals Gods and Heroes (Archaia), Deadlands (IDW and Image Comics), More Fund Comics (Sky Dog Press), and Vampirella #8-10 (Harris). He also wrote articles for Marvel Comics and Visual Opinions Magazine.

In advertising, Gallaher worked on several successful campaigns for the New York Police Department including a multimedia presentation CD Rom which won the 2007 CEA Award, and the 2008 "My NYPD" and "Only in NY, Only in The NYPD" campaigns which also won CEA Awards in 2008 and 2009.[citation needed] He also worked on books about marketing and computers, such as Introduction to Web Databases and Networking Tools 2.0.[7]

In 2008, Gallaher was named as a 'Breakout Creator' by Comic Foundry magazine.[8] In October 2009, Gallaher earned a Harvey Award for his work on the series High Moon.[9]

In July 2011, Gallaher worked as consulting editor on a broad range of titles for Kodansha including Sailor Moon, Gon, Negima and Arisa.[10] In July 2012, he and artist Steve Ellis formed Bottled Lightning Studios to self-publish their comics. Gallaher wrote 2 issues of Green Lantern Corps for DC Comics during the "Convergence" storyline.

Personal life[edit]

Gallaher suffers from epilepsy.[11][12] He lives in Brooklyn, New York.[13]


  • The Altern80s (Bottled Lightning)
  • Box 13 (Comixology)
      • Box 13: The Pandora Process (Comixology)
  • Darkstar and The Winter Guard #1-3 (2010) (Marvel Comics)
      • Darkstar and the Winter Guard (2010) (Marvel Comics) ISBN 978-0785148678
  • Green Lantern Corps #1-2 - (2015) (DC Comics)
  • High Moon - Zuda webcomic
  • Hulk: The Winter Guard (2009) single issue (Marvel Comics)
  • Iron Man: Threaded Web (Marvel Comics) webcomic
  • Moonstone Noir: Johnny Dollar "The Brief Candle Matter" (Moonstone)
      • Moonstone Monsters: Ghosts (incorrectly credited as Ken Wolak)[14](Moonstone)
      • Moonstone Monsters trade paperback (incorrectly credited as Ken Wolak)[14](Moonstone)
  • The Only Living Boy (Bottled Lightning)
  • Untold Told Tales of Spider-Man: Threaded Web (Marvel Comics) webcomic
  • Vampire: The Masquerade: Blood & Shadows (2004) (Moonstone) ISBN 978-0972644358


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