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David Gardiner (May 29, 1784 – February 28, 1844) was the father of Julia Gardiner Tyler, second wife of U.S. President John Tyler.


He was a member of the New York State Senate from the 1st District from 1824 to 1827.[1]

Gardiner was a descendant of Lion Gardiner and lived on Gardiners Island in East Hampton, New York. He was educated at Yale University.

Gardiner died in the USS Princeton Disaster of 1844. Having been invited by Tyler (his daughter's then-fiance) for a trip on the Potomac River aboard the USS Princeton, Gardiner and his daughter were on board the ship and nearing Mount Vernon when a cannon exploded, killing Gardiner and several others. Funeral services for the white victims were held in the East Room of the White House.[2] Gardiner was initially interred in the Public Vault at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C. He was later moved to the Gardiner family plot at the South End Cemetery in East Hampton.

Tyler married Julia Gardiner four months later; they named their first child David Gardiner Tyler in honor of his maternal grandfather.


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