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David George McQueen (1854–1930) was a Presbyterian minister who spent much of his career in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.[1]

He was born in Kirkwall, Scotland, UK in 1854, and moved to Edmonton in 1887 upon graduation from Knox College, University of Toronto, and served for 43 years as minister at First Presbyterian Church. He also played a role in the founding of several other Edmonton area congregations.

He was awarded an honorary degree by the University of Alberta in 1915.[2]

His son Alexander died during World War I on June 4, 1916.[3]

His life is chronicled in the book McQueen of Edmonton by E.A. Corbett.

The neighbourhood of McQueen is named in his honour.[4]

Mount McQueen in the Canadian Rockies was named in his honour in 1953.[5]


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