David Humphreys Storer

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David Humphreys Storer
David Humphreys Storer portrait.jpg
Born (1804-03-26)March 26, 1804
Portland, Maine
Died September 10, 1891(1891-09-10) (aged 87)
Boston, Massachusetts
Nationality American
Occupation Physician
Spouse(s) Abigail Jane Storer (nee Brewer)
Children Horatio Robinson Storer
Francis Humphreys Storer
Abby Matilda Storer
Mary Goddard Storer
Robert Woodbury Storer
David Humphreys Storer signature.svg

David Humphreys Storer (March 26, 1804—September 10, 1891) was an American physician and naturalist. He served as dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Harvard Medical School from 1855-1864,[1] and published on the reptiles and fishes of New England.[2]

The colubrid snake genus Storeria is named in his honor.[3]

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