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David Helpling
DH Studio 2003.jpg
Background information
Born 1969 (age 48–49)
Chula Vista, California, United States
Occupation(s) Composer, producer
Years active 1997–present
Labels Spotted Pecary
Website http://www.davidhelpling.com

David Helpling is a California based guitarist and keyboardist, recording artist and film composer specializing in ambient music and electronic music. He started his solo career with Between Green and Blue and Sleeping On The Edge Of The World. After composing the soundtrack to the film Trade Offs in 2003 Helpling released four albums, collaborating with fellow ambient recording artist Jon Jenkins.

Musical career[edit]

Helpling is a self-taught musician, whose début release, Between Green and Blue, was a finalist for the 1997 INDIE Album-Of-The-Year award.[1] In 1999, Helpling released his second album, Sleeping on the Edge of the World.[2][3] Among other musical influences such as U2 and Björk, one of Helpling's main inspirations is film music. Elliot Goldenthal, Edward Shearmur and David Julyan are among his favorites.[citation needed]
As a full-time composer, Helpling has written music for several films, one of which, Trade Offs, immersed him in the music of India. The score features several guest artists including vocalist Nidhi Bhatmuley.[2][3]


Helpling and Jon Jenkins initially became a working partnership after being contacted by filmmaker Chris Cumming via Helpling's record company Spotted Pecary.[4] After working on the score to Cumming's film "False Summit" the pair discovered they had a mutual respect for and interest in each other's music. Starting with Treasure the two worked true collaborators; both contributing equally to composing, arranging the tracks and engineering the recordings.[4] This collaboration continued as the two embarked on completing two follow up albums, The Crossing[4] and Found winning the 2013 ZMR Music Award for Best Electronic Album;[5] all three constituting a sonic trilogy.

David Helpling

Film composition[edit]

Helpling is also a composer for film, and has also provided several themes, scores, and ambient beds for numerous television, corporate, and interactive projects. His production company is named DHM Music Design.

Other projects[edit]

"As the World Falls Away" is a time-lapse video filmed and produced by Shawn Malone and set to Helpling's music. According to WILX, it "went viral" in 2014.[6]

The video "North Country Dreamland", shot and produced by Malone, was set to "Lifted" from the album The Crossing.[7]

The video "Radiance", shot and produced by Malone, was set to Helping's music.[8]


year title label
1996 Between Green and Blue Spotted Peccary
1999 Sleeping On The Edge Of The World Spotted Peccary
2003 Trade Offs Deep Exile
2006 Cold Storage Deep Exile
2007 Treasure Spotted Peccary with Jon Jenkins
2009 Beyond Words Deep Exile with Jon Jenkins
2010 The Crossing Spotted Peccary with Jon Jenkins
2013 Found Spotted Peccary with Jon Jenkins
2017 A Sea Without Memory Spotted Peccary


year title label
1997 Stormchaser Spotted Peccary
1997 Where The Sky Meets The Sea Echodiscs
2007 The Knowing Cue Records


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