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David Herle is a Canadian political consultant and Principal Partner at leading polling and research firm, The Gandalf Group. He is also a regular CBC commentator and Policy Options contributor.

Although the Gandalf Group has many blue-chip clients, it is best known publicly for the two large quarterly reports featured in the Globe and Mail – the C-Suite Report on Canadian Executives and the Consumerology Report on Canadians’ economic expectations and purchasing behaviour with Bensimon Byrne.

Prior to The Gandalf Group, Herle was a senior partner at Earnscliffe Strategy Group, Veraxis Research. He was also a top advisor to former Prime Minister Paul Martin and the Liberal campaign co-chair for 2004 and 2006.

Herle has been active in the Liberal Party since his youth, and was a key strategist for the Martin leadership campaign. During the 2004 election, as prospects for the Liberals began looking poorly, Herle was a strong advocate of demonizing Martin's primary opponent, Stephen Harper. Although this strategy was criticized by Conservatives as inaccurate, it resonated enough with Canadian voters for Martin to salvage a minority government. The same strategy was less successful two years later as the Gomery inquiry and the RCMP income trust gaffe took its toll.

Herle was managing co-chair for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's successful reelection campaign in 2014.

Prior to supporting Paul Martin, Herle worked on John Turner's leadership bid.

David Herle received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Regina and was called to the Bar in Ontario after receiving his LLB from the University of Saskatchewan.


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