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David Holmes (c. 1926 - February 2014) was a British journalist and broadcaster who served as the BBC's Political Editor from 1975 to 1980.[1][2]

He was educated at Allhallows School. In 1956 he became a BBC home news reporter and between 1961 and 1972 was an assistant political correspondent (Deputy Political Editor from 1970) before being appointed Political Editor in 1975.[3] In the same year he provided commentary on the first live transmission from the House of Commons on BBC Radio.[4] He was also (1971) first editor of BBC 4's arts programme 'Kaleidoscope'.

Holmes also had periods as a presenter and within BBC management, latterly as Chief Assistant to DG Director-General of the BBC and then Secretary, before retiring in 1985.

His second wife, journalist Linda Alexander, was a presenter on Newsnight between 1980 and 1983.


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Media offices
Preceded by
Jack Hardiman Scott
Political Editor: BBC News
1975 - 1980
Succeeded by
John Simpson