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David Horvath at Free Comic Book Day in 2012.

David Horvath (May 28, 1971)[1] is an American illustrator, comics artist, toy designer and author best known for co-creating the Uglydoll characters as well as the world they inhabit, The Uglyverse, with his wife, Sun-Min Kim. The toy line began in 2001 with a single plush toy called Wage, hand sewn by his sweetheart and creative partner, Sun-min Kim for David as a gift, and grew into the brand.

Kim and Horvath were later married.

Along with a plush Uglydoll line, he is also the author and illustrator of 12 Uglydoll books and the Bossy Bear series of children’s books. His books have been reprinted in Korean, Japanese, and Spanish.


Parsons The New School For Design


Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath, at the 2012 Free Comic Book Day
Bossy, an Uglydoll character created by Horvath.

David Horvath and Sun-min Kim are the creators of multiple characters and toy lines including:

  • Uglydoll
  • Bossy Bear, Bissy Bear, and Turtle
  • Crocadoca
  • Noupa
  • Littlebony
  • Choco and Minty
  • Roller the Reindeer
  • Dunnys with Kidrobot
  • Kaiju including:
  • Super Puncher
  • Power Mister
  • Pounda and Chu Chu
  • My Friend Dave

Noupa is a heroic garbage man who organizes a small underground movement against the evils of Super 7.5 robots in a struggle of nature VS commerce. The Noupa world includes 21 characters. In the early 2000s, Flying Cat produced these 21 characters as vinyl figures which were distributed by Critterbox. Five of the figures were limited releases exclusive to toy shows. Collectors refer to the entire series of characters as "Noupa".


The feature animated Uglydolls was released by STX Entertainment on May 3,2019.


  • Toy Of The Year Award by Toy Industry Association
  • Oppenheim Best Toy Award
  • Parent's Choice Approved Award


  • How to Draw Ugly (2006) ISBN 9781560109914
  • Bossy Bear (2007) ISBN 9781423103363
  • Guide to the Uglyverse (2008) ISBN 9780375842757
  • Ugly Guide to Things To Things That Go and Things That Should Go But Don't (2008) ISBN 978-0375843709
  • The Ugly Guide to Being Alive and Staying That Way (2009) ISBN 9780375857027
  • Just Like Bossy Bear (2009) ISBN 9781423110972
  • Chilly Chilly Ice-Bat (2009) ISBN 9780375845079
  • 1 2 3 4 U (2009) ISBN 9780375853449
  • ABC U Later (2009) ISBN 9780375853432
  • Ugly Guide to Eating Out and Keeping It Down (2010) ISBN 9780375864339
  • Ugly Colors (2010) ISBN 9780375857294
  • Babo's Cookie Problem (2011) ISBN 9780375854293
  • What Dat? (2011) ISBN 9780375864346
  • Uglydoll: SHHHHHHH (2013) Comic Book ISBN 9781421557236
  • Uglydoll: Goin' Places (2013) Comic Book ISBN 9781421555225



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