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David Huynh
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David Huynh

(1983-02-05) February 5, 1983 (age 37)
Years active2000–present

David Huynh (born February 5, 1983) is a Canadian actor. Huynh won a Special Jury Prize Award at the 2007 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival for Outstanding Newcomer and Best Emerging Actor for his performance in Juwan Chung's Baby, which also won a Special Jury Award for Best Feature Length Film at that year's Festival. Huynh has also Starred in Byron Q's film, Bang Bang (2011)[1], which won a Special Jury Award for Best First Feature, Narrative, at the 2011 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.[1] He also played Jonathan Chen in Byron Q's film, Las Vegas Story and Ty Do in Mark Tran's film All About Dad. He recently stars in a Web Series entitled "Hollywood Aliens" from Beyond Cinema Productions, directed by Bang Bang Director Byron Q and Kevin Boston.[2] He also appears as the protagonist "Fong" in a pilot entitled "Chinatown Squad" about 1890s San Francisco Chinatown, directed and produced by Stephane Gauger and written by and starring Baby co-star Feodor Chin, who plays the antagonist, "Pistol Pete."[3][4][5]

Huynh was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, briefly studied at the University of Manitoba focusing on a major in theater and a minor in film studies. He left school to pursue his career and further his craft. Huynh continues to study with acting coach Marjorie Ballentine.[6]

Huynh has appeared on TV shows such as ER (as Leo), Cold Case (as Billy Takahashi, as the son of Ray Takahashi, played by Ian Anthony Dale) and Without A Trace (as Frankie Jones, opposite Jessika Van who plays Stacey Tan). In 2008, he starred in Mark Tran's film "All About Dad" (Winner of the Cinequest Film Festival Audience Award for Best Feature) as a Biology major named Ty Do who quits his studies to pursue a career in filmmaking.

Huynh has appeared on stage at Sacred Fools Theater Company, The Kirk Douglas Theater, starred as "Neil" in the East West Players Production of Prince Gomolvilas' play adaptation of Scott Heim's Mysterious Skin,[7] for which he was named "Best Actor in A Play" at the 20th Annual Ticket Holder Awards of 2010[8] and as a Best Featured Performance on Theater Critic Don Grigware's "The Best in Los Angeles Theater 2010",[9] and starred at The Colony Theater as "Vuthy" in Michael Golamco's play Year Zero.[10][11]


  • Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (2017) - Vong
  • M.F.A. (2017) - Shane
  • Las Vegas Story (2013) - Jonathan Chen
  • Hollywood Aliens (2012) - Dave
  • Keye Luke (2012) - Benson Fong
  • Bang Bang (2011) - Charlie
  • Quantum Cops (2011) - Rookie Dave
  • Without A Trace (2009) - Frankie Jones
  • All About Dad (2009) - Ty Do
  • Golden Boy - Fruitberry Customer
  • Baby (2008) - Baby
  • ER (2009) - Leo
  • Cold Case (2007) - Billy Takahashi


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