David I of Kakheti

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Not to be confused with David of Kakheti.
David I
დავით პირველი.jpg
King of Kakheti
Reign 1601–1602
Predecessor Alexander II of Kakheti
Successor Alexander II of Kakheti (restored)
Born 1569
Died October 21, 1602
Spouse Ketevan the Martyr
Issue Teimuraz I of Kakheti
Dynasty Bagrationi dynasty
Father Alexander II of Kakheti
Mother Tinatin Amilakhvari
Religion Georgian Orthodox Church

David I (Georgian: დავით I) (1569 – October 21, 1602), of the Bagrationi dynasty, was a king of Kakheti in eastern Georgia from October 1601 until his death in October 1602.


David was a son of Alexander II of Kakheti by his wife Tinatin Amilakhvari. In mid-1601, he capitalized on the illness of his father and gained an effective control of the government, sidelining his younger brother George. When Alexander recovered, David refused to relinquish his powers and forced his father into abdication in October 1601. David was crowned king of Kakheti, but his brother, George, masterminded a plot which quickly collapsed and led to repressions. David had George imprisoned while seventeen of his supporters were executed.

David’s foreign policy was a continuation of his father’s line. In 1602, he received a Russian embassy and reaffirmed his loyalty to the tsar. He then marched against Nugzar, the defiant lord of the Aragvi and forced him into submission.

David suddenly died on October 21, 1602, and Alexander II recovered the crown. David is also remembered as a translator of a portion of the Tales of Kalila and Dimna from Persian.


David married, c. 1581, Ketevan, daughter of Ashotan I, Prince of Mukhrani.

They were the parents of:



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Preceded by
Alexander II
King of Kakheti
Succeeded by
Alexander II (restored)