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David J. Winters (born 1962) is a deep value investor and fund manager in Maine.


David joined Mutual Series in 1987, during Max Heine's tenure. Heine died the next year, so David was mentored in value investing by Michael Price. One key component of his value investing methodology is not to just buy at a discount, but to help management unlock that potential value as an active investor.[1] He also looks for value where others don't want to look and is willing to go the extra mile in finding ways to invest money.[2]

He was named Director of Research of Mutual Series in 2000 and President and CIO in 2001. During his time with Franklin Mutual Advisors, he was also the portfolio manager of the Mutual Discovery Fund from February 2000 to May 2005.[3]

After leaving Mutual Series in 2005, David formed Wintergreen Advisers and the Wintergreen Fund in Maine, USA.[3] The companies are named after the official state herb of Maine, the wintergreen. He was encouraged by others to open a less-regulated hedge fund, but opted to run a comparatively strictly regulated mutual fund.[4] He said in his characteristic nice guy manner that: "Mutual fund is a truly democratic way. You can invest your friends' money. It is nice to be able to do a nice job for people who need the money."[2]

As of October 2006, David is also currently a sub-advisor for the Renaissance Global Market Fund, operated by CIBC Asset Management.[5] In December 2006, Winters was selected as one of four participants in the tenth annual global investing round table hosted by the International Herald Tribune.[6]


He loves trains and railroads, from toy train sets to riding real trains, and has since he was young.[7] He also idolized value investor and future employer Max Heine during his younger years, keeping a news article about him taped to his dorm room ceiling in college.[8]


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