David James Taylor

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David James Taylor
Ontario MPP
In office
Preceded by Colin Stewart Cameron
Succeeded by Roland Patterson
Constituency Grey North
Personal details
Born 1889 (1889)
Keppel Township, Ontario
Died January 9, 1969(1969-01-09) (aged 79)
Political party Liberal-UFO, 1919-1923
United Farmers, 1923-1926
Progressive, 1926-1929
Liberal-Progressive, 1929-1934
Occupation Farmer

David James Taylor (1889 – January 9, 1969) was an Ontario farmer and political figure. He represented Grey North in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1919 to 1934 as a Liberal-United Farmers, United Farmers, Progressive and finally Liberal-Progressive member.

He was born in Keppel Township, Ontario, the son of George Taylor, and was educated in Wiarton. He returned to take over the operation of the family farm. He resigned his seat in 1934 to accept an appointment as Deputy Minister of Game and Fisheries.

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