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David Jasper is a theologian, currently Professor of Literature and Theology and Associate Dean for Postgraduates at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. He was a founder of the Conference on Literature and Religion at Durham University in 1980. Since then, a series of international meetings have been organised every other year by the organisation, providing a forum for the inter-disciplinary study of literature and theology in contemporary Europe. Jasper himself is one of the most distinguished European scholars of this field.[1] His recent research has been into some of the earliest of Christian theologians, hermits and Desert theology.


  • Coleridge as Poet and Religious Thinker, (1985)
  • The New Testament and the Literary Imagination, (1987)
  • The Study of Literature and Religion: An Introduction, Second Edition, (1992)
  • Rhetoric, Power and Community: An Exercise in Reserve, (1993)
  • Readings in the Canon of Scripture, (1995)
  • The Sacred and Secular Canon in Romanticism, (1999)
  • The Bible and Literature: A Reader (with Stephen Prickett), (1999)
  • Religion and Literature: A Reader (with Robert Detweiler), (2000)
  • The Sacred Desert, (2004)
  • A Short Introduction to Hermeneutics, (2004)
  • The Oxford Handbook of English Literature and Theology (co-editor with Andrew W. Hass and Elisabeth Jay), (2007)
  • The Sacred Body, (2009)


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