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David Jasper is a theologian, currently Professor of Literature and Theology and Associate Dean for Postgraduates at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. He was a founder of the Conference on Literature and Religion at Durham University in 1980. Since then, a series of international meetings have been organised every other year by the organisation, providing a forum for the inter-disciplinary study of literature and theology in contemporary Europe. Jasper himself is one of the most distinguished European scholars of this field.[1] His recent research has been into some of the earliest of Christian theologians, hermits and Desert theology. On 26 January 2007 Jasper received an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Theology at Uppsala University, Sweden.[2]


  • Coleridge as Poet and Religious Thinker, (1985)
  • The New Testament and the Literary Imagination, (1987)
  • The Study of Literature and Religion: An Introduction, Second Edition, (1992)
  • Rhetoric, Power and Community: An Exercise in Reserve, (1993)
  • Readings in the Canon of Scripture, (1995)
  • The Sacred and Secular Canon in Romanticism, (1999)
  • The Bible and Literature: A Reader (with Stephen Prickett), (1999)
  • Religion and Literature: A Reader (with Robert Detweiler), (2000)
  • The Sacred Desert, (2004)
  • A Short Introduction to Hermeneutics, (2004)
  • The Oxford Handbook of English Literature and Theology (co-editor with Andrew W. Hass and Elisabeth Jay), (2007)
  • The Sacred Body, (2009)


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