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David Johnstone is a British hedge fund manager and event organiser.

Johnstone founded the Lifestyle Management company: the Savile Row of Tailor Made England. He organised over 300 parties during his four and a half years as Managing Director, including the Super Car Rally of 2000 from London, Germany, Budapest, Vienna and Prague, and an event at the Palace for the Queen's 80th birthday.[1][2]

In 2004, he founded Key-2 Luxury, allowing VIP members a network of privileges. Johnstone created a unique corporate gift and caught the attention of hedge fund legend and philanthropist Stanley Fink, who in 2007 teamed his name with Johnstone and became a partner. Johnstone went on to create globalpr.net, Champagne for Life, The Global Charity Trust and The Global Party as complementary companies, eventually creating a portfolio of over 31 brands which compliment and reinforce their resonance. Johnstone's and Fink's holding company is called Free Holdings.

Johnstone is a recognised[by whom?] luxury lifestyle and media expert.[3]


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