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David Joseph Henry is a writer, human rights activist and former parliamentary candidate from Manchester, England.


In 1999 he co-founded the Queer Youth Network.[1]

He writes a regular column in London's QX magazine[example needed], and has been a contributor to the Pink Paper and OutNorthWest. David has been outspoken in the media and petitioned the government on the issue of civil partnerships and has argued that they "create a two-tier system of inequality".[citation needed]

In June 2009 he attempted to perform a citizen's arrest on Salford MP Hazel Blears at a constituency party meeting in Swinton.[2]

He was selected to contest the Salford and Eccles seat at the 2010 general election,[3] beating presumptive nominee[4] Merseyside TUC leader Alec McFadden by a majority vote after responding to Martin Bell's call for a "community champion" during a public meeting in Eccles.[5][6][7] He received 730 votes and Hazel Blears received 16,655.[8] Despite the distribution of votes, David's campaign generated notable media interest.[9][10] He was shadowed by a film crew and was the focus of the 30-minute documentary film The Candidate which premièred on Channel M. Described as an "intimate and amusing portrait".[11] It has since been shown at a number of film festivals and has received acclaim after being nominated for the Royal Television Society Awards, Exposures 2001 and the Salford International Film Festival.[12][13]


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