David K. Ferry

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David K. Ferry
Born 1940
Residence United States
Nationality American
Fields Electronic engineer and physicist

Texas Tech University
Office of Naval Research
Colorado State University

Arizona State University
Alma mater University of Texas at Austin
Texas Technical College
Doctoral advisor Arwin A. Dougal
Other academic advisors Karl-Heinz Seeger
Doctoral students Carlo Requiao

David Keane Ferry (born 1940) is the Regents' Professor of Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University (ASU), notable for his research in semiconductor devices.


He received his BSEE, 1962, and MSEE, 1963, both from Texas Technical College. Ferry obtained his PhD under Arwin A. Dougal, 1966, from the University of Texas at Austin with a thesis entitled Anomalous Microwave Emission from Bulk Semiconductors.


Following a postdoctoral year in Vienna (1966–67) under Karl-Heinz Seeger, he spent time at Texas Tech University (1967–73), the Office of Naval Research (1973–77), Colorado State University (1977–83), and then joined Arizona State University in 1983.


He has received a number of honours including the IEEE Cledo Brunetti Award, 1999; IEEE (Phoenix) Engineer of Year, 1990; Fellow of the IEEE, 1987; Fellow of the American Physical Society, 1974; and Fellow of the Institute of Physics, 2008. His research involves the physics and simulation of semiconductor devices and quantum effects and transport in mesoscopic device structures.

Books by Ferry[edit]

  • Semiconductors: Bonds and bands (IOP Publishing, Bristol, 2013)
  • Quantum Mechanics (Adam Hilger, Bristol, 1995), 2nd Edition (Inst. Physics Publ., London, 2000)
  • Quantum Transport in Ultra-small Devices (Plenum, New York, 1995), Edited with Hal Grubin, Carlo Jacoboni, and Antti-Pekka Jauho
  • Transport in Nanostructures (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1997), with Steve Goodnick
  • Semiconductor Transport (Taylor and Francis, London, 2001)
  • Electronic Materials and Devices (Academic Press, San Diego, 2001), with Jon Bird.

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