David Karfunkle

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David Karfunkle
Archives of American Art - David Karfunkle - 2189.jpg
David Karfunkle, from the Archives of American Art
Born 1880 (1880)
Died 1959 (aged 78–79)
Nationality Austrian American
Education National Academy of Design
Known for Painting, muralist

David Karfunkle (1880–1959) was an American artist. He is known for his mural, "Exploitation of Labor and Hoarding of Wealth", painted in 1936 at the Harlem Courthouse.[1][2][3]


He was born in Vienna.[4] He studied with Ludwig von Herterich, and Antoine Bourdelle. He studied at the National Academy of Design, with William Glackens. In 1911, he showed at the Salmagundi Club.[5] In 1916, he had a group exhibition at the Strauss Gallery.[6]

He was a member of the Federal Art Project.


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