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David Law Kemper (born 1947/8 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American rock drummer[1] who was a member of the Jerry Garcia Band (1983–1994) and Bob Dylan's band (1996–2001).[2]

He was with the Jerry Garcia Band from 1983 until January 1994, when he was suddenly sacked for reasons still unknown to him.[3] He went on to spend five years as Bob Dylan's drummer. Kemper joined Dutch progressive rock band Focus for a short period in the mid-1970s, playing both on the Mother Focus album and tour. He has played with Mike Stinson, Elkie Brooks, Dennis Wilson (on the Bambu sessions), and Bernie Leadon. He played double drums with Jim Gordon on Barry McGuire's "Don't Blame God" from his Lighten Up album in 1974.[4]


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