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David L. Hough

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David L. Hough
SubjectMotorcycle safety
Notable worksProficient Motorcycling, More Proficient Motorcycling
Notable awardsMotorcycle Safety Foundation’s Excellence in Motorcycle Journalism award (2x), AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

David L. Hough[pronunciation?] (born 1937) is an American writer on motorcycle rider safety, education and training. He has been a columnist for Motorcycle Consumer News, Sound RIDER! and BMW Owners News magazines. After his first book Proficient Motorcycling was published by Bow Tie Press it became one of the best selling motorcycle books. He currently has four published books and one 2nd ed. He has been recognized twice as a writer by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's (MSF) Excellence in Motorcycle Journalism award.[1]



He has also designed a rider skills course for sidecar riders.[2] Hough has been called "a premier motorcycling journalist"[3][4][5] and the author of "one of the most widely respected books on safe street riding."[6] In the media he is frequently called upon to provide expert commentary on motorcycling issues, and his work is on the recommended reading lists of many other motorcycling writers.

Hough was inducted to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in December 2009 for his work as a motorcycle journalist and riding safety books that "should be a mandatory read for every motorcyclist, from novice to expert."[7][8]


  • Hough, David (2000), Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well, USA: BowTie Press, ISBN 1-889540-53-6 (2008 2nd ed. ISBN 978-1-933958-35-4)
  • Hough, David (2001), Street Strategies: A Survival Guide for Motorcyclists, USA: BowTie Press, ISBN 1-889540-69-2
  • Hough, David (2003), More Proficient Motorcycling: Mastering the Ride, USA: BowTie Press, ISBN 1-931993-03-3
  • Hough, David (2013), The Good Rider, USA: Mixed Media, ISBN 978-0-9747420-3-8

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