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David Lawee in 2008

David Lawee is a Canadian-born entrepreneur who has had major success in the tech and investment industries.


Lawee is a ten-year Google veteran who heads Google Capital, [1] Google's investment arm for late-stage startups. Prior to leading Google Capital, Lawee ran Google's mergers and acquisitions (M&A) department, a position he held for five years. [2]

In 2008, he was given the title of Vice President of Corporate Development at Google. The position had been vacant since Salman Ullah left to form new venture fund Merus Capital. [3] Before that, Lawee was the VP of marketing at Google, leading consumer, B2B and channel marketing worldwide. During Lawee’s time at Google, the company has acquired approximately 100 companies. [4]

Before joining Google, Lawee was a founder of Xfire, a leading online gaming community, which was acquired by Viacom for $108M. He also previously co-founded three other start-ups including Mosaic Venture Partners, a leading Toronto-based venture capital firm. He began his career as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. [4]

Lawee's experience as a serial entrepreneur, VC and leader of Google's M&A organization, gives him a unique lens on technology growth equity investing. He is extremely well respected in Silicon Valley.[5][6] It has been noted that Facebook has tried to acquire him. [1]

Lawee earned a philosophy degree at the University of Western Ontario, a law degree at the McGill University Faculty of Law and an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

Personal life[edit]

Lawee is married to Lorna Borenstein,[7] who launched eBay Canada, was later head of Yahoo Personals, and was then president of Move Inc, the operator of Realtor.com[8] until she resigned in March 2009.


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