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David Leonard (born 24 May 1955, New York City) is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter,[1] probably best known as a member of Richard Lloyd's touring and recording band.

In addition to a solo career, as a guitarist and vocalist he has worked with many luminaries in the music business, including Melanie, Chuck Berry[citation needed], James Montgomery, James Cotton, Cyndi Lauper[citation needed], Benjy King, Tommy Shaw (Styx)[citation needed], Werner Fritzching, The April Fools, The Well Hungarians, Allen Fryer, (Heaven), and many, many others.

His projects have included the installation of a studio in upstate New York, and the recording of a collection of his solo work, The Quickening, released on a private label, on August 16, 2010. Guest artists appearing on this record include Rick Derringer, Chris Spedding, Will Lee, Steve Holley, Charles Torres, Doug Maxwell, Kati Mac and Sherryl Marshall. Along with seven original compositions and a song co-written with Richard Lloyd, the record features covers of Beatles, Dylan and Roky Erickson songs. The Quickening was mixed and mastered by Doug Maxwell for Media Right Productions.

An avid sailor and scuba diver, Leonard is the author of, Diving the Western Pacific, Vol. I (Periplus Publishing, Singapore).

Leonard is also known for having been part owner of NY lobster bar, the Black Pearl [2] and his spat with Gordon Ramsay on the reality TV show, Kitchen Nightmares.

After accusing Ramsay of causing a 50% drop in sales, the restaurant closed only four days after the show aired, in October 2008.[3][4]



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