David Levien

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David Levien
Occupation Screenwriter, Novelist, Director, Producer
Alma mater University of Michigan
Genre Fiction, Suspense

David Levien is an American screenwriter, novelist, director, and producer. Best known as the co-writer of Ocean's Thirteen, and Rounders Levien has also produced films such as The Illusionist and The Lucky Ones. Levien frequently collaborates on projects with his writing partner Brian Koppelman.

As a novelist, he has published City of the Sun, Where the Dead Lay, 13 Million Dollar Pop, and Signature Kill. Earlier works are often published under D.J. Levien.

Levien studied at the University of Michigan.





Frank Behr novels[edit]

  • City of the Sun (2008)
  • Where the Dead Lay (2009)
  • Thirteen Million Dollar Pop (2011)
  • Signature Kill (2014)

Standalone novels[edit]

  • Wormwood (1999)
  • Swagbelly: A Novel for Today's Gentleman (2003)
  • The Contract (2012)

Short Stories[edit]

  • Dark City Lights (2015)[1]


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