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David Lightfoot is an Australian film producer.


David Lightfoot worked on the horror films Wolf Creek and Rogue.

Other credits include Bad Boy Bubby (1994), Three Forever (1996), The Sound of One Hand Clapping (1997), Coffin Rock (2009).

He trained at the South Australian Film Corporation in 1982. He was founding director of the SHORTS Film Festival, an Adelaide-based National festival.

In 2014 David completed the action thriller 'Turkey Shoot – Reloaded' aka 'The Elimination Game', for Writer/Director Jon Hewitt and Producer Anthony I Ginnane and Writer/Director, Jim Lounsbury and Producer Behren Shulz's love story 'Love Is Now' which won best Foreign film at Mexico and Arizona Film Festivals in 2015. He finished working on ‘A Few Less Men’ for Larry Malkin, Share Stallings and Tania Chambers in Western Australia in 2016.

Recently completed in 2017 is the thriller Bad Blood which David Lightfoot produced with Antony I Ginnane and written and directed by David Pulbrook. Bad Blood just premiered at the Adelaide Film Festival Oct 2017 and is already garnering overseas sales. Also in 2017 he co-produced '1%' produced by Michael Pontin and Jamie Hilton and directed by Steven McCullum. It was selected and premiered at Toronto Film Festival 2017 and also screened at the Adelaide and London Film Festivals in October.

He and Ultrafilms are heavily in development in several feature films and long form television/streaming productions, slated for 2018/19.

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