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David Lohr (born 1975) is an American journalist. Lohr has written about and interviewed many of the world's most notorious criminals. Previously, he was senior investigative crime writer for the former CourtTV’s Crime Library and Discovery Channel, where he headed the Criminal Report at Investigation Discovery and reported on true crime cases in the news.[1] Lohr currently is a senior crime reporter for The Huffington Post.[2]

Lohr gained national prominence in 2003 when Wichita, Kansas serial killer Dennis Rader (then known only as BTK), wrote letters to news outlets. One of his letters included a list of book chapters titled "The BTK Story" that were similar to a list of book chapters about BTK's crimes written by Lohr.[3] This was among information that led to the arrest[clarification needed] and eventual confession and conviction of Rader for the killing of 10 people between 1974 and 1991.[3]

His father, Melvin Garfield Huyck, was killed on Sept. 22, 2012.[4]

Lohr lives in Louisiana and volunteers with Texas EquuSearch, a group of volunteers who look for missing persons. He has also been instrumental in efforts to gain the freedom of Mac (rapper) a hip hop artist who Lohr says was wrongfully convicted of killing a fan in 2000.


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