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David Nachman Lourea (August 26, 1945[1]–1992) was an American writer, AIDS activist, Bisexual rights activist, and cofounder of The San Francisco Bisexual Center.[2][3] He was Jewish.[4]

Publications of David Lourea[edit]

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  • "HIV Prevention: A Dramaturgical Analysis and Practical Guide to Creating Safer Sex Interventions" (with Clark L. Taylor), in Rethinking AIDS prevention : cultural approaches, ed. Ralph Bolton and Merrill Singer, Philadelphia : Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, 1992, ISBN 2881245528, originally published in volume 14, numbers 2-4 of the journal Medical Anthropology.

Further reading[edit]

  • Naomi Tucker, "Bay Area Bisexual History: An Interview with David Lourea," in Bisexual Politics: Theories, Queries, and Visions, Harrington Park Press/Haworth Press 1995, ISBN 1560249501, pp. 47–61.
  • Andrea Sharon Dworkin, "Bisexual Histories in San Francisco in the 1970s and Early 1980s", Journal of Bisexuality, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2000, pages 87– 119.


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