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Sir David James Lumsden PhD, DPhil, MA, MusB, FRCM, FRNCM, FRSAMD, FLCM, FRSA, Hon RAM, Hon FRCO, FKC (born 19 March 1928), is a notable choirmaster, organist and harpsichordist. He is also an authority on lute music.

Among the positions he has held are:

He was a member of various chamber groupings, including the London Virtuosi (1972-76), (alongside James Galway, Jane Ryan, John Georgiadis and others), for which he played harpsichord.London Virtuosi home page


  • Married.
  • Portrait painted by Jeff Stultens 1993.
  • He was knighted in 1985.[1]

Bibliography of scholarly writing[edit]

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  • The Lute in England
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  • Lumsden, David: The Sources of English Lute Music 1540-1620. (Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Cambridge, England), 1955. 3 vols. Volume I is the text of the dissertation, describing the sources and the style of the pieces therein, including a discussion of provenance, and various transcription problems. Volume II is a thematic index of all the pieces including incipits and collations. Volume III is a transcription of selected works which was published separately by Schott (1954?).
  • Lumsden, David: "The Sources of English Lute Music" (1540-1620)," The Galpin Society Journal VI (July 1953), 14-22.

Cultural offices
Preceded by
Henry Oswald Hodgson
Director of Music of St. Mary's Church, Nottingham
Succeeded by
Russell Arthur Missin
Preceded by
Robert James Ashfield
Rector Chori of Southwell Minster
Succeeded by
Kenneth Bernard Beard
Preceded by
Albert Meredith Davies
Organist and Master of the Choristers of New College, Oxford
Succeeded by
Edward Higginbottom
Preceded by
Anthony Lewis
Principal of the Royal Academy of Music
Succeeded by
Lynn Harrell


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