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David McCord Lippincott (17 June 1924 - January 1984) was an American composer and lyricist.


David McCord Lippincott wrote music and lyrics from an early age. The first evidence of that is a musical revue he wrote while attending the Hotchkiss School called "Little Boy Blue". He then went to Yale University, as did his father; was a member of Skull & Bones, as was his father William Jackson Lippincott. He graduated in 1949.[1]


After college, Lippincott worked for McCann Erickson as a creative director, writing copy and creating jingles. His original album musical, The Body in the Seine has become a collector's item.

During this time, he also wrote books, several of which are still available. Some of the writings were turned into films. Titles include: Unholy Mourning, Black Prism, E Pluribus Bang!, The Blood of October, The Home, Salt Mine, The Voice of Armageddon, Savage Ransom, and Tremor Violet.


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