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The Merage Family
Current regionUnited States
Place of originIran
Estate(s)Orange County, California

The Merage family /məˈrɑː/ is a wealthy Iranian Jewish family residing in Orange County, California.[1] In 2004 the Merage Jewish Community Center[2] opened in Irvine, California; the center was named after the Merage Family and serves the needs of Orange County.

David and Paul Merage[3] co-founded Chef America Inc. where they created the popular microwavable snack, Hot Pockets, in the early 1980s. The brothers later sold the Chef America Inc. company to Nestlé for $2.6 billion.[4] Hot Pockets were manufactured in Englewood, Colorado, Chef America's former headquarters, until moving its business to the rest of Nestlé's frozen business in Solon, Ohio.[5]


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