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For the American Pulitzer Prize-winning historian specializing in American history, see David M. Kennedy (historian).
David Michael Kennedy
Born (1950-08-16) August 16, 1950 (age 66)
United States
Occupation Photographer
Children Tymara Kennedy

David Michael Kennedy (born August 16, 1950) is a photographer living and working in New Mexico. His career spans more than 35 years and includes an 18-year stint in New York City where he was known as a specialist in photography for the advertising and music industries,[1] producing album covers and editorial spreads for artists that include Muddy Waters, Bruce Springsteen, Blondie and Bob Dylan.[2] Although he has won numerous awards for his photography,[citation needed] he stated in early 2010 that he had not entered competitions since 1992.[3]

In 1983 Kennedy photographed the cover of the Loverboy album Get Lucky, the cover depicts the posterior of someone wearing tight red leather pants, with a man's arm and hand in the foreground with index and middle finger crossed. The model wearing the leather pants was Kennedy's 13-year-old daughter, Tymara Kennedy.[4] The photo credit on the album stated "Bottom by: T.K.", which was sometimes interpreted as the publishing shorthand for the term to come.[4]

In 1986 Kennedy moved to northern New Mexico and began documenting the Western landscape and Native American culture, and became involved in Native American causes.[1] His photographs of Native Americans and their culture have been exhibited in Westchester.[5] William Zimmer writes that "the respectful Indian pictures bring to light aspects of [Native American] culture that are often hidden".[6] His work is in The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery


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