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David Mobley
David Mobley.jpg
David Mobley (2014)
BornDavid Donald Mobley
(1953-10-22) October 22, 1953 (age 65)
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
ResidenceColleyville, Texas, United States
Years active1970–present
Net worth23 million (Jan 2018)

David Mobley is an American Entrepreneur, Songwriter and Producer born in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex in Texas.


Mobley has been in the business and entertainment industry since 1970. Mobley co-founded the non-touring pop/rock songwriting and recording group 'Crosswindz' in 1970.[1] Crosswindz recorded their first album titled "High Park" in 1972. Although no longer writing or recording, Mobley and Crosswindz went on to be a commercial non-touring success over the years and released their second album "Hot Acoustic Nite" in 2003 and finally their third album "The Dark Side of Day" in 2011.[2]

Mobley was one of the executive producers on Burt Reynolds motion picture titled "Deal" released in 2008,[3] Mobley is also credited with composing the soundtrack for the 2004 New York Axiom Award winning motion picture "Deliberate Conduct". Mobley wrote, co-wrote, produced and co-produced as well as acting Executive Producer on many EPs, CDs, and Vinyl recordings for many signed and un-signed Artists and Bands from 1970 to present. Some include Crosswindz "High Park" Vinyl,[4] "Hot Acoustic Nite" CD, "Dark Side of Day" CD; State of Whatever "Lifeless" CD; Dave Evans/Johnny Nitzinger "Revenge" CD; Dave Evans (co-founder and original lead vocalist of AC/DC)[5] "What About Tomorrow" CD; Todd Rundgren "{re}Production" CD;... Mobley also produced and was involved in several music videos. Some include "Revenge" (Evans/Nitzinger); "What About Tomorrow" (Crosswindz) and (Dave Evans); "Your Are So Real" (Crosswindz); "Hot Acoustic Nite" (Crosswindz) and (Dave Evans); "Casino River" (Crosswindz); "Homeless" (Crosswindz); "Cabin Fever" (David Mobley); "Tell Me A Lie" (Crosswindz) and (Dave Evans); "Here I Come" (State Of Whatever), (Crosswindz) and (Dave Evans); and AC/DC's co-founder and original lead vocalist Dave Evans hit album "What About Tomorrow" which Mobley also wrote, arranged and produced.[6][7][8][9][10][11] Mobley also acted as Producer and Executive Producer on the Evans/Nitzinger album 'Revenge' and was quickly picked up and signed by the Bad Reputation Records label out of Paris, France.

Mobley also founded and produced several music-related radio shows – including 'The David Mobley Show',[12][13][14] the 'Songwriters Webcast',[15] and 'Oldies Goldie's Radio'. Mobley penned 'What About Tomorrow' performed by AC/DC founder and original lead vocalist Dave Evans for the TV series 'True Ghost Stories'. Mobley's penned 'Cabin Fever' soundtrack for the motion picture 'Deliberate Conduct.'


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