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The logo of David Morgan Ltd
The redeveloped David Morgan department store building

David Morgan was an independent department store in Cardiff that ceased operating in January 2005 after 125 years of trading.[1] It opened on 31 October 1879 and closed its doors for the final time on Saturday 30 January 2005.

The history of David Morgan Limited[edit]

The Morgan Arcade, which still runs under the former department store

The David Morgan department store was founded by David Morgan who was born near Brecon in 1833. He traded in the South wales valley areas of Abertillery, Monmouthshire and Pontlottyn in the Rhymney Valley for 21 years, before opening a small drapers shop on The Hayes in 1879.[2]

From this small shop the store steadily expanded along The Hayes, to become a six storey department store, rivalling nearby Howells. The David Morgan department store consisted of three buildings; the south building was built by James & Morgan in 1891/2 along with additions made in 1904, the middle building was designed by architect Edwin Seward in 1899 with the north building being built in 1912.[3] In 1896, the company added the Morgan Arcade under the shop, to better connect the various buildings. The company also had a branch in Windsor Road, Penarth, with two shops a few doors apart from each other.[2]

When the store closed in 2005, it was the largest independent department store in Wales. Throughout its time, it was owned and operated by the Morgan family, through the holding company Deymel Investments,[2] and the Cardiff Arcade Company which owned and operated the Royal and Morgan arcades, which run underneath the store. David Morgan Limited, Deymel Investments Limited and the Cardiff Arcade Company Limited are now all in liquidation. [4]

David Morgan clocks
The old David Morgan clock, in use until 2008
The David Morgan Apartments clock

The redevelopment of the site and David Morgan Apartments[edit]

The site was sold in late 2004 to Helical Bar plc for £29 million. Between 2007 and 2008 the whole site was refurbished and 65 apartments were built on the floors. New stores include T.K. Maxx, Rossiters of Bath and clothing stores Moss and White Stuff. Borders opened in 2008 however ceased trading in December 2009 following Borders UK entering administration.[5] Luxury apartments, called the David Morgan Apartments, have been built on the upper floors of the six storey store.[6]

Since the opening of St Davids Shopping Centre there has been a greater demand for the stores which were once David Morgan, in particular the stores fronting onto the Hayes.

In 2008 David Morgan's along with the newly refurbished 65 apartments within the complex were acquired by Cardiff based property investment firm Riverstone Group Holdings which purchased the property portfolio for £45 million.

The Riverstone Group was formed in Cardiff, South Wales back in 1903 by local developer George Jones who subsequently retired from the firm in 1919 for his son Stanley George Jones to operate. Due to Stanley Jones's decline in health during the late 1990's ownership was since transferred to his only child Derek George Jones.

Upon Derek Jones's acquiring his new position within the company numerous changes were made with notable land being sold during his tenure, in 2012 the company made a record loss of 1.2 million but since has recuperated these costs by 2018 with the company being upon on profits totalling 4.6 million. In March 2018 Derek Jones left his role as Managing Director of the company as his son Harry George Jones joined the firm at the age of 20.

When Harry Jones joined the firm he implemented numerous changes within the company and opted to take a more relaxed approach with regards to sales and negotiating land deals, stating that "were all part of a team, here we are on family. We work closely with each other everyday and therefore it's imperative we all get along, as best as we can".

Since the purchase deal the property portfolio has undergone various changes with the old workshops being converted to offices known as the Creative Quarter. Coordinates: 51°28′45″N 3°10′35″W / 51.4792°N 3.1765°W / 51.4792; -3.1765


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