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David Myles
David Myles at the Sean O'Sullivan Theatre.jpg
David Myles in performance at Brock University's Sean O'Sullivan Theatre, on November 17, 2011. Photo credit: Bob Magee.
Background information
Birth name David Patrick Thomas Myles
Born (1981-05-12) May 12, 1981 (age 34)
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Occupation(s) songwriter, performer, recording artist
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet
Years active 2003-present
Labels Fontana North Distribution, Little Tiny Records, Turtlemusik
Associated acts The Olympic Symphonium, Hot Toddy, Old Man Luedecke, Joel Plaskett, Damhnait Doyle, Classified, Measha Brueggergosman;
Website www.davidmyles.com

David Myles (born May 12, 1981) is a Canadian songwriter/performer/recording artist originally from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Myles lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His music has often been labeled folk jazz, although he prefers simply to call it "roots" music.[1] An independent artist who self-releases his albums, Myles has been able to gain an increasingly large audience, in part because of his active touring schedule and in part because of his cross-genre musical collaborations, which include a single made with the rapper Classified that became the biggest-selling rap single in the history of Canadian music.[2]

Myles is married to CBC radio producer Nina Corfu. They have a daughter who was born in 2012.[3]


While growing up in Fredericton, Myles began playing trumpet at 10 years old and played in school bands. He attended Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick and graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in political science. He was in China as a foreign exchange student in 2001 when he bought his first guitar.[1] He has said that learning to play the guitar and write songs was what propelled him to become a professional musician.[4]


Myles released his first album, Together and Alone, in 2005. Before it was released, he relocated to Calgary, Alberta.[1] He returned to the Maritimes in 2006, moving to Halifax. There he released his second album, Things Have Changed, which exposed him to national and international audiences. The album earned him industry recognition in the form of two Music Nova Scotia Awards, as well as nominations for both the 2007 Canadian Folk Music Best New Artist Award and the East Coast Music Awards Galaxie Rising Star Recording of the Year. His original song, “When it Comes My Turn,” took home first place in the International Songwriting Competition and was the winning song at the 2008 Chris Austin Merlefest Songwriting Contest.[5]

In May 2008, Myles released his third solo project, On the Line, which demonstrates his vocal versatility and musical dexterity.[5] On the Line is a powerful and stylish blend of jazz, blues, gospel, pop and folk influences that has garnered awards and nominations, including the 2009 ECMA Folk Recording of the Year Award.

In May 2009, Myles was awarded the Mount Allison University Contemporary Achievement Award from the University’s Alumni Association. It is presented to a recent graduate for "outstanding achievement". [6]

Myles was one of thirteen songwriters chosen in the first-ever CBC Radio 2 Great Canadian Song Quest in 2009. He was chosen to represent New Brunswick by a public vote, and commissioned to write a song about the Bay of Fundy's historic Hopewell Rocks. He recorded a new song, "Don't Drive Through," for the contest. Asked about the song, Myles said, "I wanted this tune to really resonate with New Brunswickers. Don't Drive Through is a lighthearted song that relates to the idea of driving through the province. I tried to create a song that I could sing forever, not just record as part of CBC's Canadian songbook, and I think I have."[7]

In 2010, he performed at the Canadian Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.[8] as well as other locations such as Granville Green in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.[9] In December, he played for four nights at The Carleton Music Bar in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Unbeknownst to him, the music bar's sound technician recorded the performances, capturing relaxed live shows.[10] [11] Those recordings became the source for his next album, Live at The Carleton.

In 2011, he received five nominations in the East Coast Music Awards [12] and was nominated for a Music New Brunswick award.[13] He played at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton, New Brunswick.[14] He released two albums, Live at The Carleton and Into The Sun (October, 2011). Into the Sun uses world music rhythms from Brazilian and African music.[15]

In the same year, Nova Scotia rapper Classified featured Myles on the song "The Day Doesn't Die" from his album Handshakes and Middle Fingers. Although he was left uncredited in some cases, this song gained him more exposure in the hip-hop world as well as a larger fan base.

Current Work[edit]

In 2013, Myles and Classified reunited for the single "Inner Ninja" from the album Classified. The single went triple platinum in Canada and won a Juno Award, and is the biggest-selling rap single in Canadian history. [16]

Also in 2013, Myles released the double album In the Nighttime, which puts each side of Myles' performing persona--mellow, jazz-influenced crooner and perky, beat-oriented pop star--onto its own disc of music.

In 2014, Myles was a 'Featured Musician' on the YouTube channel of The Great Canadian Journey, a cross-country project that highlights local musicians, print artists, and culture. [17]



  • Together and Alone (2005)
  • Things Have Changed (2006)
  • On The Line (2008)
  • Turn Time Off (2010)
  • Live at The Carleton (2011)
  • Into The Sun (2011)
  • In the Nighttime (2013)
  • It's Christmas (2014)

Guest appearances[edit]

  • "The Day Doesn't Die"; artist: Classified; album: Handshakes and Middle Fingers (2011)
  • "Whole to My Half"; artist: Measha Brueggergosman; album: I've Got a Crush on You (2012)
  • "Inner Ninja"; artist: Classified; album: Classified (2013)

Awards and Achievements[edit]

  • Juno Awards
    • 2013 - Rap Recording of the Year - "Inner Ninja" (Won)
  • 2013 - Best Selling Rap single in Canadian History, "Inner Ninja"
  • 2013 - British Columbia Touring Council Award Nomination Artist/Artistic Company of the Year
  • SOCAN Awards
  • ECMA Awards
    • 2013 - Folk Recording of the Year - Into The Sun (Nomination)
    • 2013 - Fan's Choice Entertainer of the Year (Nomination)
    • 2013 - Fan's Choice Video of the Year - "Long Dark Night" (Nomination)
    • 2012 - Songwriter of the Year (Won)
    • 2012 - Song of the Year – “Simple Pleasures” (Won)
    • 2012 - Folk Recording of the Year – Live at The Carleton (Nomination)
    • 2012 - Bell Aliant Fan’s Choice Entertainer of the Year (Nomination)
    • 2012 - Bell Aliant Fan’s Choice Video of the Year – “Simple Pleasures” (Nomination)
    • 2011 - Folk Recording of the Year, "Turn Time Off" (Won)
    • 2011 - Group Single of the Year – “Need A Break” (Won)
    • 2011 - Entertainer of the Year (Nomination)
    • 2011 - FACTOR Recording of the Year – Turn Time Off (Nomination)
    • 2011 - Male Solo Recording of the Year – Turn Time Off (Nomination)
    • 2010 - Entertainer of the Year (Nomination)
    • 2009 - Folk Recording of the Year, "On The Line" (Won)
    • 2009 - Male Solo Recording of the Year – On The Line (Nomination)
    • 2009 - Entertainer of the Year, Male Solo Recording of the Year (Nomination)
    • 2007 - Galaxie Rising Star Recording of the Year, Things Have Changed (Nomination)
  • Great American Song Contest[5]
    • 2009 - Folk Category, “When It Comes My Turn” (Won)
  • Mount Allison University Alumni Early Achievement Award
    • 2009 - Alumni Early Achievement Award
  • Chris Austin (Merlefest) Songwriting Contest
    • 2008 – Folk Category, “When It Comes My Turn” (Won)
  • International Songwriting Competition
    • 2006 - Folk Category - "When It Comes My Turn" (Won)
    • 2012 - Adult Contemporary Category – “Love Again” (Semi-finalist)
  • John Lennon Songwriting Contest
    • 2006 - Folk Singer-Songwriter Category, “When It Comes My Turn” (Finalist)
  • CBC Radio 3 Bucky Adams Award
    • 2008 - Most Canadian Song “Cape Breton” (Nomination)
  • Music Nova Scotia Awards
    • 2013 - SOCAN Songwriter of the Year – “Inner Ninja” (Won)
    • 2013 - Music Video of the Year – “Inner Ninja” (Won)
    • 2013 - Male Artist Recording of the Year – In the Nighttime (Nomination)
    • 2013 - Digital Artist of the Year (Nomination)
    • 2012 - Male Artist Recording of the Year - Into The Sun (Won)
    • 2012 - Recording of the Year - Into The Sun (Nomination)
    • 2012 - Entertainer of the Year (Nomination)
    • 2011 - Male Artist Recording of the Year – Live at The Carleton (Won)
    • 2011 - Folk Recording of the Year – Live at The Carleton (Won)
    • 2010 - Male Artist of the Year (Won)
    • 2010 - Folk Recording of the Year – Turn Time Off (Won)
    • 2008 - Album of the Year, On The Line, Entertainer of the Year, Folk Recording of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Male Artist Recording of the Year
    • 2007 - Folk/ Roots Recording of the Year, Things Have Changed, Male Artist of the Year Award (Won)
  • Music New Brunswick Awards
    • 2013 - Expat Artist of the Year (Nomination)
    • 2011 - Expat Artist of the Year (Won)
    • 2010 - Expat Artist of the Year (Nomination)
  • Canadian Folk Music Awards
    • 2011 - Best Contemporary Singer (Nomination)
    • 2010 - Solo Artist of the Year - Turn Time Off (Nomination)
    • 2007 - Best New Artist (Nomination)
  • Much Music Video Awards
    • 2013 - MuchFact Video of the Year – “Inner Ninja”
    • 2013 - Video of the Year – “Inner Ninja”


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