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David Nathaniel Friedrich Dietrich (October 3, 1800 – December 23, 1888) was German botanist and gardener.

Dietrich's birth year is listed as 1799 and 1800. He was born in Ziegenhain.[1] In 1828 Dietrich worked as a botanical gardener in Jena. In 1836 he received his doctorate at the University of Jena, and later served as a curator at the botanical garden in Jena.

He was the nephew of the botanist Friedrich Gottlieb Dietrich (1765-1850).

Dietrich wrote pamphlets on poisonous plants, mosses, and forest flora and fauna of Germany as well as several botanical encyclopedias. His five-volume, 1839-1852 Synopsis Plantarum included about 80,000 species and 524 genera. The five-volume Flora of Germany published from 1833 to 1864 contains 1150 colored panels. The two-volume Forst Flora and the 476 booklets of the comprehensive Flora Universalis are his most famous work.[1][2]


  • Musci Thuringici, with Jonathan Carl Zenker, (1821-1823)
  • Forst Flora, (two volumes 1828–1833)
  • Flora Universalis, (476 booklets, 1828–1861)
  • Flora Medica, (1831–1835)
  • Lichenographia Germanica, (1832–1837)
  • Deutschlands Flora, (5 volumes, 1833-1864)
  • Synopsis Plantarum, (5 volumes, 1839-1852)
  • Deutschlands ökonomische Flora, (1841–1844)


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