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His name is spelt wrongly it is NICOLL , he married Elizabeth Maslin , they had a child David Victor 1884

David Nicoll (1859–1919) was an anarchist active in Great Britain who participated in the Socialist League.

By 1890,David Nicoll was editor of the league journal the Commonweal as political differences between the anarchists and the other socialists like William Morris sharpened, particularly after Bloody Sunday. These differences were largely over the use of violence in the immediate struggle. Nicoll had published articles one of which lamented that there were no fatalities during the Leeds gas strike riots. Contrary to what he regarded as Morris's defeatism Nicoll suggested; '"Individual assaults on the system will lead to riots, riots to revolts, revolts to insurrection, insurrection to revolution."'

Nicoll became very active in the defence of the Walsall Anarchists and was arrested along with Charles Mowbray (whose children were left alone in the house with the body of their dead mother who had just died).

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Preceded by
William Morris
Editor of Commonweal
With: Frank Kitz (1890–1891)
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Thomas Cantwell