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David Gordon Nobbs (born 13 March 1935) is an English comedy writer.

Life and career[edit]

Nobbs was born in Petts Wood, Kent.[1] Following an education at Marlborough College and Cambridge University, Nobbs wrote for many of Britain's comedy performers over the years, including Kenneth Williams, Frankie Howerd, Les Dawson and The Two Ronnies. He is also the creator of the successful 1970s sitcom The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (adapted from his own Reginald Perrin novels), the 1989 comedy/drama series A Bit of a Do and the highly acclaimed Henry Pratt series of novels, the fourth of which, Pratt à Manger, was published in 2006. His novel It Had to be You was published in 2011.

On 15 September 2010, Nobbs, along with 54 other public figures, signed an open letter published in The Guardian, stating their opposition to Pope Benedict XVI's state visit to the UK.[2]


  • The Itinerant Lodger (1965)
  • Ostrich Country (1968)
  • A Piece of the Sky is Missing (1969)
  • The Death of Reginald Perrin (1975, later reissued as The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin)
  • The Return of Reginald Perrin (1977)
  • The Better World of Reginald Perrin (1978)
  • Second From Last in the Sack Race (1983)
  • A Bit of a Do (1986)
  • Pratt of the Argus (1988)
  • Fair Do's (1990)
  • The Cucumber Man (1994)
  • The Legacy of Reginald Perrin (1996)
  • Going Gently (2000)
  • Sex and Other Changes (2004)
  • Pratt à Manger (2006)
  • Cupid's Dart (2008)
  • Obstacles to Young Love (2010)
  • It Had to be You (2011)
  • The Fall and Rise of Gordon Coppinger (2012)
  • The Second Life of Sally Mottram (2014)

Television works[edit]

Radio works[edit]

Nobbs has wriiten a number of works for radio, all of which were broadcast on BBC Radio 4:

  • five excerpts from "I Didn't Get Where I Am Today" were read by the author on Book of the Week in April 2003.
  • his dramatisation of the novel What a Carve Up! was serialized from February to April 2005.
  • The Maltby Collection, a comedy set in a museum featuring long-time collaborator Geoffrey Palmer, ran for three series of six episodes from 2007 to 2009.
  • "Three Large Beers", a 45-minute play, was the Afternoon Drama on 10 April 2007.
  • "Silent Nights", a 45-minute play, was the Afternoon Drama on September 22, 2008.
  • "We Happened To Be Passing" a 45-minute play, was the Afternoon Drama on September 24, 2010.
  • "With Nobbs On" was a three-part feature broadcast weekly from May 21, 2012 in which Nobbs told anecdotes about his career in front of a studio audience.
  • "The Surprising Effect of Miss Scarlett Rosebud", a 45-minute play, was the Afternoon Drama on 23 Apr 2014.


  • I Didn't Get Where I Am Today (autobiography, 2001)


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