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David Noble on top of the Second Sister

David 'Dave' Noble (born 1965) discovered the Wollemi pine on or about 10 September 1994.[1] Thus, the scientific name of this species, Wollemia nobilis, is named after him.[2]

John and Olive Noble, David's parents, emigrated from England to Australia when he was two years old.

A modern-day explorer, Noble has visited sites in the Wollemi National Park that few if any other people have seen and is known for exploring the canyons of the Wollemi Wilderness. He has named over two hundred remote features, including the canyons: Twister, Hole in the Floor, Initiator and Peg Leg.[3] At the time of discovering the Wollemi pine, Noble was a field officer with the National Parks and Wildlife Service (New South Wales). After his discovery Noble completed a bachelor of applied science degree and was promoted to a ranger.[4]


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