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David Oliver is an American born magician.

Oliver is known for his neoclassic style of performing stage magic with Doves (Not since Oct 2008 - see below), the Floating Ball and Linking Rings, as well as his comedy and close-up magic. He also serves as adult director of the Society of Young Magicians #29,[1] a youth non-profit. Oliver serves as a mentor to many youth performers and magicians, primarily in the New England & New York areas.[2] He performs regularly at "The Mystery Lounge"[3] in Cambridge, Massachusetts and "Monday Night Magic"[4] in New York City. He is a regular contributor to the magicians' trade publication, Genii, where he reviews magic tricks and effects.[5]

In October 2008, David Oliver underwent exploratory lung surgery, for a potentially fatal lung affliction called hypersensitivity pneumonitis[6] or Bird Fancier's Lung,[7] caused by working and living with the birds in his show. Subsequently, the doves were removed from his show, after being a feature in his act for more than 25 years. The August 2011 issue of Genii detailed his ordeal with the birds ("Death Defying Dove Acts"[8]), complete with a list of symptoms and how to avoid the same situation.

In June 2013, after years of declining health due to Bird Fancier's Lung, Oliver had both of his lungs replaced during a grueling 16-hour double lung transplant surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. Months of recuperation and recovery followed.

MAGIC Magazine featured David Oliver as its January 2014 cover story ("DAVID OLIVER: Celebrating Life!" [9]), following his difficult journey through the arduous double lung transplant and his subsequent recovery and his second chance at life. The article chronicles the details of his months in Massachusetts General Hospital, as well as the history of his life in magic as a performer, director, writer and mentor.

Oliver has returned to performing full-time, and is now a motivational speaker sharing his unique story at medical conferences, magician conventions, colleges and corporate events.

He still lives just outside Boston, Massachusetts.


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