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David Pakman
Pakman in 2012
Born (1984-02-02) 2 February 1984 (age 35)
ResidenceBoston, Massachusetts, U.S.
CitizenshipUnited States, Argentina
EducationMBABentley University
BA – University of Massachusetts Amherst
Alma materUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst (BA)
Bentley University (MBA)
OccupationSyndicated television, radio and Internet talk show host, political pundit, political analyst
Years active2005–present
Known forThe David Pakman Show
Political partyIndependent/unregistered

David Pakman (born February 2, 1984) is an Argentinean-American television and radio host, political commentator, college instructor,[1] and YouTube personality. He is the host of the internationally syndicated political television and talk radio program The David Pakman Show. He is also the managing director of Vivid Edge Media Group, which produces The David Pakman Show. A naturalized U.S. citizen, Pakman was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and was raised from age 5 in the United States. Pakman is a self-described liberal/progressive.[2]

In addition to hosting The David Pakman Show, Pakman has appeared on numerous national, regional, local, and international media outlets providing political commentary.[3][4][5][6] Pakman also works as a new media consultant, often working with independent programs and broadcast platforms. Pakman's first appearance on cable news was on Fox News on April 4, 2014, when he discussed the resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich.[3] Pakman has appeared on CNN,[7] HLN's Nancy Grace program,[8] and HLN's Dr Drew on Call,[9] and was featured in Mother Jones,[10] the Boston Herald,[6][11] The New York Times,[12] and Wired.[13]

Early life[edit]

Pakman was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina[14] and immigrated to the United States with his family in 1989, when he was 5 years old. He grew up in Northampton, Massachusetts, and graduated from Northampton High School. Pakman says that he received "a relatively secular Jewish upbringing, but I've always been highly involved with my Jewish background, socially and culturally; I'm part of a local Jewish group and I attend their events. It's just generally how I identify."[14] Pakman attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Massachusetts, where he majored in economics and communications. He earned an MBA degree from Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. Pakman worked several jobs as a high school and university student,[15] and he has described his employment at now-defunct electronics retailer Circuit City.[16][17]

With the move of The David Pakman Show to New York City, Pakman also moved there in August 2013. In November 2015, the show relocated to Boston.[18]

The David Pakman Show[edit]

Pakman hosts The David Pakman Show, which is a television, radio, and internet political program. Begun in 2005 on a local radio station as a "hobby," according to Pakman, by 2011 the show aired on 100 stations,[2] and on more than 160 television and radio outlets in 2014,[19] including DirecTV and DISH Network through Free Speech TV, on YouTube, and via podcasts. The program first aired in August 2005 on WXOJ-LP ("Valley Free Radio"), located in Northampton, Massachusetts, as Midweek Politics with David Pakman, and has since been nationally syndicated.

Personal life[edit]

Pakman has never been married. While his sexuality has been a topic of The David Pakman Show,[20] Pakman has said he is heterosexual and that he considers himself a straight ally of the LGBT rights movement.[21]

In the fall of 2017, Pakman started teaching as an adjunct professor at Boston College in Boston, Massachusetts.[1]


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