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David Paul (born March 8, 1957) is an American actor, producer, television personality and bodybuilder.[1] He and his twin brother Peter were born in Hartford, Connecticut.

Acting Credits[edit]

David Paul and his twin brother Peter Paul were collectively known as "The Barbarians", as they both starred in the 1987 film titled The Barbarians.

They both appeared in an episode of Knight Rider entitled "Knight of the Drones".[2]

David and his twin brother, Peter Paul, had a small part in the Oliver Stone movie Natural Born Killers in which they are in a bodybuilding public gym milieu being interviewed by Robert Downey Jr.'s character, but the scene ended up on the cutting room floor. Their part can be found on the director's cut of the film, in which director Stone says of the excised Barbarian Brothers scene "they're overacting, and it's my fault."[3]


Film Role Year
D.C. Cab Buzzy (as David Barbarian) 1983
The Flamingo Kid Turk (uncredited) 1984
The Barbarians Gore 1987
The Road Raiders Black 1989
Think Big Victor 1989
Ghost Writer Marco 1989
Double Trouble David Jade 1992
Natural Born Killers Norman Hun (scenes deleted) 1994
Twin Sitters David Falcone 1994
Souled Out Ace Stevens 2005
Faith Street Corner Tavern Himself 2013


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