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David Preiss FRS (born 1947) is a professor of mathematics at the University of Warwick[1] and the winner of the 2008 London Mathematical Society Pólya Prize[2] for his 1987 result on Geometry of Measures, where he solved the remaining problem in the geometric theoretic structure of sets and measures in Euclidean space.[3]

Preiss is recognised as having a unique lecturing style that blends together a multimedia demonstration and vocal lecturing: this has brought him much peer attention from within the Warwick Mathematics Institute.

He is associate editor of the mathematical journal Real Analysis Exchange.[4]


  • Erdős, Paul; Preiss, David (1976). "Decomposition of Spheres in Hilbert Spaces". Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae. 017 (4): 791–795. 
  • Preiss, David (1987). "Geometry of measures in R^n: Distribution, rectifiability, and densities". The Annals of Mathematics. 125 (3): 537–643. 


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