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David Quinn is an Irish religious commentator who freelances and contributes weekly columns to The Irish Catholic and Irish Independent. He often appears on Irish current affairs broadcasts.

For over six years, he was editor of The Irish Catholic and has written weekly opinion pieces for newspapers like The Sunday Times, The Sunday Business Post and the Irish Daily Mail. He has contributed to First Things, The Human Life Review and The Wall Street Journal's Europe edition.

In January 2007, Quinn founded the self-styled Iona Institute, a Roman Catholic pressure group promoting families based on heterosexual marriage and the practice of religion.[1] Quinn is a director of the Dublin chapter of Legatus, which promotes Roman Catholicism in corporate business,[2] for those who meet stringent qualification criteria.[3] In 2015, Quinn conceded the same-sex marriage referendum he fought against.[4]

In the course of the referendum campaign, Professor John A Murphy, a noted Irish historian, wrote to the Irish Times. In his letter, he described the constitutional amendment, which permitted same sex marriage and extended constitutional protection to families based on such marriages, as "grotesque nonsense.".[5] Following this, Mr Quinn tweeted "Proposed change to marriage 'grotesque nonsense' ... Great letter by Prof John A Murphy in @IrishTimes today." Mr Quinn was criticised for this tweet by LGBT rights activist Panti, who wrote: "I can think of lots of things that are grotesque. Extending constitutional protection to all families is not one of them... I would call it 'fair', 'reasonable', 'compassionate', 'considerate', 'respectful', or even 'the very least we can do'. But not 'grotesque'." [6]

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