David R. Megarry

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David R. Megarry
Megarry holding his original Dungeons playtest game.
OccupationGame designer

David R. Megarry is a game designer most notable for the board game Dungeon!.

Megarry hosting a Dungeon event!
Dave autographing a copy of The New Dungeon!


Dave Megarry was a member of the Midwest Military Simulation Association, along with Dave Arneson, David Wesely, Ken Fletcher, John and Richard Snider and others.[1] Megarry was also a member of Dave Arneson's original Twin Cities Blackmoor group.[2]:8

Megarry designed a one-off board game called Dungeon! where players trooped through a dungeon on a singular basis, a game that had ultimately derived from the Braunstein playing sessions with Arneson.[2]:8 In November 1972, Arneson and Megarry traveled to Lake Geneva to meet with Gary Gygax, as Arneson thought that Gygax would be interested in Megarry's Dungeon! boardgame.[3] Dungeon! was first published by TSR in 1975, and Megarry was hired by TSR in the same year.[2]:8 Dungeon! was the first adventure board game.[4] Megarry called Bill Owen of Judges Guild to negotiate a formal license from September 4 – November 22, 1976; this agreement required Judges Guild to pay a royalty to TSR for the right to place text on the cover of most products saying "Approved for use with Dungeons & Dragons".[5]

Arneson left TSR in 1976 over creative differences, and Megarry left around the same time.[2]:9


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