David Rabeeya

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David Rabeeya
Born Hikmat Rabeeya
May 12, 1938
Baghdad, Iraq
Genre Non-fiction
Subject Iraqi Affairs, Judaism, Women's Issues, Rational Thought

David Rabeeya (born May 12, 1938) is an Israeli and American author and professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies.

David Rabeeya is an Iraqi Jew born in Baghdad, Iraq. He and his family later moved to Israel in about 1951. In about 1970, he moved to the United States. Over the years, Dr. Rabeeya has taught countless students, in all schooling environments-high school, university, and elementary school. He has grown to accept all different cultures and religions over his lifetime, as a Mizrahi Jew. A prolific author, Dr. Rabeeya has written many books on many subjects, but they tend to focus on the Middle East and the relationship between Jews and other groups. He currently works as a teacher for Middle and High School students.[1]


  • America: Criticize It But Stay
  • The Journey of an Arab-Jew : Through the American Maze
  • Baghdadi Treasures : Challenging Ideas & Humorous Sayings
  • Israel: Stripped Bare
  • Women's Struggles; Women's Dreams
  • Rabeeya's Reflections: Love, Sex and Wit
  • Sephardic Lolita: Judeo-Arabic Restoration And Reconciliation
  • Fruma: Caught in Her Web
  • A Humanistic Siddur of Spirituality And Meaning: The American Character; We Rationalize Everything
  • 1,001 Jokes About Rabbis : And The Rest Of The World
  • Afifah: A Bedouin Odyssey
  • Fundamentalism : Roots, Causes and Implications
  • Zionism: Final Call
  • Homosexuals under Sharia Law
  • Visionary Memoir
  • Quarter in Half Time
  • The Journey of an Arab-Jew in European Israel
  • A Guide to Understanding Judaism and Islam : More Similarities Than differences
  • Sephardic Recipes : Delicacies from Baghdad



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