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David Rees
Born (1918-05-29)29 May 1918
Died 16 August 2013(2013-08-16) (aged 95)[1]
Institutions University of Exeter
Alma mater University of Cambridge
Doctoral advisor
Doctoral students
Known for
Notable awards
Spouse Joan S. Cushen (m. 1952)

David Rees ScD Cantab, FIMA, FRS[4] (29 May 1918 – 16 August 2013) was an emeritus professor of pure mathematics at the University of Exeter, having been head of the Mathematics / Mathematical Sciences Department at Exeter for many years. During the Second World War, Rees was active on Enigma research in Hut 6 at Bletchley Park.[5][6]

Education and career[edit]

Rees was born in Abergavenny. On completion of his education, he initially worked on semigroup theory, and Rees factor semigroup is named after him. He also gave a characterization of completely simple and completely 0-simple semigroups, nowadays known as Rees's theorem. The matrix-based semigroups used in this characterization are called Rees matrix semigroups.[3][7] At the behest of Douglas Northcott he switched his research focus to commutative algebra.[8] In 1954, in a joint paper with Northcott, Rees introduced the Northcott-Rees theory of reductions and integral closures which has subsequently been influential in commutative algebra.[9]

Before 1971, Rees was appointed head of the Mathematics Department at the University of Exeter.

Awards and honours[edit]

In 1993 Rees was awarded the Pólya Prize by the London Mathematical Society. In August 1998 a conference on Commutative Algebra was held at Exeter in honour of David Rees' 80th Year. He was an Honorary Fellow of Downing College, Cambridge[10] He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 1968.[4]

Personal life[edit]

In 1952, he married Joan S. Cushen,[11] who became a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at Exeter, with four children:

  1. (Susan) Mary Rees FRS, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Liverpool, b. 1953[12][13][14]
  2. Rebecca Rees, b. 1955[15]
  3. Sarah E. Rees, Professor of Pure Mathematics at Newcastle University, b. 1957[16][17]
  4. Deborah Rees, b. 1960[18]


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