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David Reynolds

David Reynolds, FBA (born 17 February 1952) is a British historian. He is Emeritus Professor of International History at Cambridge University and a Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge.[1] He attended school at Dulwich College on a scholarship and studied at Cambridge and Harvard Universities.[2] He has held visiting posts at Harvard, Nebraska and Oklahoma, as well as at Nihon University in Tokyo and Sciences Po in Paris.

Reynolds was awarded the Wolfson History Prize, 2005, and elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 2005. His research and writing specialize in the two world wars and the Cold War. He served as Chairman of the History Faculty at Cambridge in 2013-15 and retired from University teaching in 2019. He has served on academic advisory boards for the redevelopment of the Imperial War Museum - First World Galleries (2011-14) and Second World War Galleries (since 2016). In 2021 he succeeded Roger Knight as President of Cambridge University Cricket Club.


Reynolds has made thirteen documentaries on 20th-century history for the BBC, most recently the three-part BBC2 series Long Shadow, based on his award-winning book about the legacies and memory of 1914–18 and a trilogy of films about the Big Three allies in the Second World War: World War Two: 1941 and the Man of Steel, World War Two: 1942 and Hitler's Soft Underbelly and World War Two: 1945 and the Wheelchair President. All these films have been directed by Russell Barnes.[3]

Reynolds was also the writer and presenter of the award-winning ninety-part series America, Empire of Liberty, broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Personal life[edit]

Reynolds is married with one son.[4]

Awards and honours[edit]


  • 1981: The Creation of the Anglo-American Alliance, 1937–1941: a Study in Competitive Co-operation (1981) University of North Carolina Press ISBN 0-8078-1507-1 (Awarded the Bernath Prize by the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, 1982)
  • 1988: An Ocean Apart: the Relationship between Britain and America in the 20th Century – co-author David Dimbleby. Hodder & Stoughton ISBN 0-340-40666-6 (Linked to BBC/PBS TV series.)
  • 1991: Britannia Over-ruled: British Policy and World Power in the 20th Century. Longman ISBN 0-582-43725-3
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  • 1995: Rich Relations: the American Occupation of Britain, 1942–1945. Random House ISBN 0-517-16871-5 (Awarded the US Society for Military History's Distinguished Book Award, 1996)
  • 2000: One World Divisible: a Global History since 1945.. Allen Lane ISBN 0-7139-9461-4
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  • 2005: Christ's: a Cambridge College Over Five Centuries (editor). Macmillan ISBN 0-333-98988-0
  • 2006: From World War to Cold War: Churchill, Roosevelt, and the International History of the 1940s. Oxford University Press ISBN 0-19-928411-3
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  • 2013: The Long Shadow: The Great War and the Twentieth Century. Simon & Schuster UK ISBN 978-0857206350; W. W. Norton, 2014 US ISBN 978-0-393-08863-2 (Awarded the Hessell-Tiltman Prize, 2014)
  • 2016: Transcending the Cold War: Summits, Statecraft, and the Dissolution of Bipolarity in Europe, 1970–1990. (Co-edited with Kristina Spohr) Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-872750-7
  • 2018: The Kremlin Letters: Stalin's Wartime Correspondence with Churchill and Roosevelt, with Vladimir Pechatnov. Yale University Press ISBN 978-0-300-22682-9 (Awarded the Link-Kuehl Prize by the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, 2020)
  • 2019: Island Stories: Britain and its History in the Age of Brexit Harper Collins ISBN 978-0-00-828231-8

Broadcasting (as writer and presenter)[edit]

  • 2004: Churchill's Forgotten Years – BBC 4/BBC 2
  • 2004: The Improbable Mr Attlee – BBC 4
  • 2008: Summits – three-part series: (1) Munich, 1938; (2) Vienna, 1961; (3) Geneva, 1985 – BBC 4
  • 2008: Armistice – BBC2 (Grierson Award: Best Historical Documentary, runner-up)
  • 2008–09: America, Empire of LibertyBBC Radio 4 (90-part series, accompanying the writer's 2009 book)[6][7] (Voice of the Listener & Viewer Award for the Best New Radio Programme of 2008; Sony Radio Academy Award, Nomination, 2009; Orwell Prize, Shortlist, 2010)
  • 2010: Nixon in the Den – BBC 4
  • 2011: World War Two: 1941 and the Man of Steel – BBC 4 (Grierson Award: Best Historical Documentary, Nomination)
  • 2012: World War Two: 1942 and Hitler's Soft Underbelly – BBC 4
  • 2014: The Long Shadow – three-part series: (1) Remembering and Understanding; (2) Ballots and Bullets; (3) Us and Them – BBC 2
  • 2015: World War Two: 1945 and the Wheelchair President – BBC 4
  • 2016: Verdun: The Sacred Wound BBC Radio 4 (2-part series: (1) The Battle; (2) Loss and Legacy)
  • 2017: Balfour's Promised Land BBC Radio 4 - on the centenary of the Balfour Declaration


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