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David Rupert (born July 27, 1951) is an American former FBI/British intelligence agent whose testimony led to the arrest and prosecution of Michael McKevitt, the reputed leader of the Real IRA, for the Omagh Bombing.[1][2]


According to The Guardian, "[i]t has emerged that when, in November 2000, it was first suggested to Rupert that he testify against McKevitt, the American informer balked at the idea ... [i]t is understood that he changed his mind after seeing a news report on the Omagh bombing. [s]ince agreeing to testify against McKevitt, Rupert has come under pressure to give evidence against other Real IRA and Continuity IRA figures, including Colm Murphy, the only man convicted of offences relating to the Omagh bomb attack."[3][4] He was awarded the FBI's Lou Peters Award in 2013.[5]


Rupert's testimony was crucial in McKevitt being convicted of directing terrorism. In 2006, McKevitt's legal team appealed the conviction based on the defense team not having access to information concerning the tax affairs of Rupert during the original trial.[6]


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